• In 1998, Robert W.G. Manning and Bruce Eldridge founded The Tri-Lakes Music Association with a group of musicians in the Tri-Lakes Communities centered around Monument, Colorado. The original charter of this organization was to develop an annual Christmas Concert series performed primarily by residents of the Tri-Lakes region - a true community event. It was the founders' dream that this series of concerts would be a true community happening that would not belong to any one church, school or other organization. It was an attempt to start down the road to Scott Peck's "community."The concert series has grown in size, talent, and attendance each year. The production itself, including the music, rehearsal and performance space, musical and recording equipment, and advertising, is funded primarily by donations from local churches, individuals, and businesses. A free-will offering is accepted during the performance, the total sum of which currently goes to sponsor a local charity, Tri-Lakes Cares, and to provide two scholarships for District 38 high school seniors. There are typically two sections to each concert: A first half that consists of prepared pieces performed by:Tri-Lakes Music Association small ensembles (both vocal and instrumental)

    • Tri-Lakes Music Association Orchestra

A second half that combines the Tri-Lakes Music Association Choir and Orchestra together to perform a cantata (Definition: A musical composition, often using a sacred text comprising recitatives, arias, and choruses). This past year (2019) we also enjoyed narration written by Dr. Heidi Petak that was performed by Dr. Petak and John Dick, both locals to our area.

Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Status:

On February 16th, 2006 the Tri-Lakes Music Association reached another pinnacle by being granted non-profit status as a "charitable" organization. This distinction is important because before this time TLMA operated under the non-profit umbrella of Tri-Lakes United Methodist Church and as such had "religious" non-profit status. Becoming a community based "charitable" organization cements TLMA's charter of being truly a community organization. Reading from TLMA's Articles of Incorporation, TLMA's primary purpose is:

a) Generally, to coordinate and organize annual performing arts events (currently a series of Christmas concerts) in geographical areas where they might not otherwise be available or have limited access (e.g. the Tri-Lakes region);

b) To raise the funds necessary to pay for the aforementioned concert series through the use of donations from local churches, individuals, local businesses, etc.;

c) To publicize and recruit primarily un-paid volunteers to perform in the aforementioned performing arts events (e.g. orchestral musicians, vocal performers, stage hands, artists, dancers, actors, etc.);

d) To foster further musical and/or other performing arts events whose proceeds above and beyond the costs to produce the event will either be donated to other charitable organizations, individuals in need (need must be established) and/or will be used to further enhance the ability of the Tri-Lakes Music Association’s ability to put on said performances.;

e) To establish, over time, a center for these performances and enhance the performing arts in the Tri-Lakes region.

From Robert W.G. Manning - founder and president of the Tri-Lakes Music Association

In June, 2007, the Tri-Lakes Women's Club graciously gave Tri-Lakes Music Association our first grant of $5,200.00 allowing TLMA to purchase two high end Yamaha Motif XS-8 keyboards for use during our performances. Since then, Tri-Lakes Music Association has received several grants that have given us the ability to purchase much needed musical equipment to continue to grow as a musical organization. TLMA is ever in debt to the TLWC.

In November, 2007 the "Jackson H Fenner" foundation gave a $1500.00 grant to the Tri-lakes Music Association. With this money, TLMA purchased a TAMA drum set outfitted with Zildjian cymbals. This donation allows us to practice in large spaces and not be tied to locations that have a drum set we can borrow. In November, 2008 the "Jackson H Fenner" foundation gave a $1000.00 grant to the Tri-lakes Music Association. The Tri-lakes Music Association used this donation for much needed operating funds. In October, 2009 the "Jackson H Fenner" foundation gave a $500.00 grant to the Tri-lakes Music Association. The Tri-lakes Music Association used this donation for much needed operating funds. We are indebted to the foundation and the Troyer family who were the trustees that we contacted.

What will happen next with TLMA? We don't have firmed up plans, but a few possibilities that are being discussed include:

    • Perform multiple concerts in every given year.

    • Bring other musical groups under the TLMA umbrella. Discussions are currently underway with other volunteer music organizations in the Tri-Lakes region to see if they are interested in this synergistic relationship. We would love to entertain other organizations.

    • We have brought the Tri-Lakes Handbell Choir under our auspices.

    • Expanding to other areas of the performing arts by sub-contracting presentations under the TLMA umbrella.

    • Bring additional performing arts (not necessarily JUST musical groups) to the Tri-Lakes Region.

These are just a few of the possible options. So stay tuned!


Robert W.G. Manning, Founder and president, Tri-Lakes Music Association - 11/16/2016

Need further information? Please contact:

Matt Manning at trilakesmusic@gmail.com